(plain, with oregano and rosemary, with peppercorns)

Salt is an essential ingredient of a healthy diet, used in almost all kinds of recipes

Natural sea salt from Lesvos, comes from the island’s pure and clean bays. The food tradition of the island is very closely related to salt, apart from recipes with native herbals, it was also used to preserve/store food, such as sardines.

Sun and wind evaporate the sea, leaving a brine, rich in nutrients, which is then collected. Unrefined sea salt is not subject to any manufacturing process and is the only salt maintaining the natural and important equilibrium of the 92 mineral elements.


Unrefined raw sea salt contains numerous trace minerals (iron, magnesium, potassium, iodine, calcium, manganese, phosphorus). Sea Salt is essential for the health of our cells. It helps in the absorption of minerals, protects our brain cells, balances sugar levels and regulates blood pressure, has antiallergic activity, strengthens the bones, protects from muscle cramps and enhances the libido. Our products are rich in magnesium (Mg)-official analysis-, which is responsible for energy production, detoxification, maintaining healthy bones and teeth and is an antidote to depression.