Our olives are handpicked and selected from the olive groves in Lesvos island, as well as mainland Greece. They are in plain Olive Oil and vinegar or combined with natural herbs or fruit juices. Our green olives are native to Lesvos island, Kolovi variety.

  • Olives (green) in olive oil and vinegar

These olives are firm in texture. Green olives may vary in color but not their fantastic taste! They are preserved in Olive Oil and vinegar, a traditional method that enhances the flavour.

  • Olives (green) in bukovo

These green olives have a spicy twist in their flavour. They are combined with bukovo flakes, which is a spicy paprika unique to Greece. This is an authentic signature recipe of Lesvos island.

  • Olives (green) in biter orange

These green olives are truly special, since they are blended with biter orange juice! The olives

acquire a distinctive taste and aroma, which make for an excellent snack.

  • Olives (black) throumpes     

Our black throumpes olives are a distinct variety that grows only in Greece. They can complement any Mediterranean dish with a rich natural mature flavour.