Greek Honey

Greek honey is recognized worldwide for its superior quality and various healthy characteristics. This is due to the intense sunshine and the ideal microclimate (the soil and the rich variety of flora: flowers, herbs and trees). Over than 1,000 unique plants grow in Greece and many different varieties are in very short distance.


  • Forest / Pine Tree

    Honey with large production in Greece, mainly from Arcadia and other areas, from bees that feed in the rich Greek forests. The colour is brown and the aroma is light and neutral. It is high in minerals, proteins and amino acids. It is very nutritious and has a high biological value. It is not particularly sweet and belongs in the categories of honey that do not crystallize, as honey dews.

  • Thyme Honey

    A unique honey, also one of the biggest productions in Greece. It is produced from thyme, especially in the Aegean islands and coastal areas. It has a characteristic bright colour, strong aroma, pleasant taste and it is quite sweet. The content of the enzyme diastase classifies it amongst the world’s finest honeys. It crystallizes in 6 to 18 months of production. Thyme’s essential oil helps in healthy functioning of the upper respiratory system since it has antiseptic properties.

  • Polyflora / Wild-Flowers

    This Greek flower honey has high nutritional values, it is rich in nutrients and has a fine aroma. This is due to the large variety of Greek flora and is the major reason that overrides flower honeys from other countries. It helps in digestion, gives energy and strength. The distinguishing c haracteristic is that it is thick. (humidity is less than 15%).

  • Fir tree “Silver-Pearl” colour honey.

    Limited volumes- collected only on a small part of Greece. This honey is P.D.O (Protected Designation of Origin). It has the lowest sweetness of all honeys and it will never crystallize. It has a special “silver pearl” color and a very distinct taste. It is never heated or filtered to keep all its natural characteristics.

Nutritonal properties and health benefits. Honey is one of the healthiest foods, a source of energy and stimulation. There are more than 200 nutrients found in honey; this enhances the beauty and wellness and contributes significantly to the health and strength of the organism. It is rich in carbohydrates, minerals (potassium and iron), proteins, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins B.Top of Form.