We are dedicated to Wellness, Health, Education, Sustainability and Growth. Our mission is to offer high quality natural & pure products, rich in nutritional values, to provide our customers a healthy choice for their body and mind.

Ol-eve is a family business, creating and promoting authentic delicatessen top quality products such as dried figs, green extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, pomegranate, sea salt, jams, honey and wine, produced traditionally, in a unique way, with native ingredients in Lesvos Island-Greece. Always with love for this pure land and a passion for wellness and proper nutrition.

Lesvos microclimate allows the development of excellent goods of incomparable taste, awarded numerous times internationally for their uniqueness and value. We select with love the best raw materials & recipes and package them with care. In Lesvos we are bonded to each estate/farm (whether it is our own at Sigri or another partner in Lesvos).

Our Faros estate is perched on a peninsula of 247 acres, overlooking picturesque Sigri village in Lesvos island Greece. Today our cultivations include 20.000 olive trees, 12.000 pomegranates, 5.000 figs, lotus, pine trees, palm trees and roses. There are also a number of native plants and wild flora found in abundance in the Aegean islands such as mint, melissa, luisa, berries, rosemary, cistus and amaranth. A lifestyle choice towards vitality and energy.

Ol-eve, Family Estate & Products® is a Tradename of Falcon S.A. 

Falcon S.A. is certified by AVRV/ ISO 22.000:2005 and certified by BioHellas for the range of its organic products.